Caterpillar Acert Application Gasket Kit - FT#37000

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  • Caterpillar single turbo Engines
  • Caterpillar twin-turbo Engines

Please call for more information on additional applications.


  • Higher quality gasket material
  • Fire ring creates a better seal
  • Simple and easy installation


The Full Tilt manifold gasket and turbo gasket combo kit includes 6 exhaust manifold gaskets and 1 turbo gasket. The exhaust manifold reinforced graphite gaskets have a stainless steel inner eyelet that prevents exhaust blow-by, increases the overall strength of the gasket, prevents high-velocity erosion, and damage from shipping. The reinforced graphite has good compressibility to provide a constant seal while able to withstand high temperatures. The exhaust manifold gasket is designed so gaskets can be swapped out without completely removing the manifold.

The turbo gasket has a stainless steel double jacket with reinforced graphite filler. The double jacket creates a stronger gasket that prevents exhaust blowouts and prevents velocity erosion.

All gasket kits are secured inside a box to eliminate gasket damage that can occur from shipping ensuring quality undamaged reliable gaskets on arrival.